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We live in a multiverse of connected platforms. We podcast while we drive. We Google while we cook. We tweet while we watch TV, and not just any TV — smart TV’s, which now serves hyper-targeted television spots. As the Internet of things evolves, so do the seemingly infinite ways businesses & brands can connect with consumers.


We are a channel that allows influencers to empower their audience and build their own brands.


If you want to launch your own direct to consumer brand, mobile app, membership portal/course or just need a helping hand in your marketing you've come to the right place.


We believe having people’s attention is the most valuable asset in the world today and you should use it to launch your own Gucci, Supreme, Onlyfans, Peloton app etc.


We're here to provide you the support, infrastructure and team to do so.


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We can build and scale any type of business through our platform and services


Marketing, Social Media and Content

We are experts in bringing out your businesses story through content. We plan, strategize, execute and deliver campaigns that drive the highest ROI and combine it with digital marketing to boost your businesses growth.

  • Branding & Strategy

  • Paid Ads Management

  • Content Creation

  • Social Media Management

Digital Products, Membership Portals, Mobile Apps and Communities

VIR Marketing allows entrepreneurs to create and launch their own digital products or platform where they can customise their features, own their audience and ultimately build a unique product for them.

  • Courses, E-Books & E-Learning

  • Membership Portals

  • Mobile Apps

  • Facebook & Linkedin Groups


E-Commerce & Web Design

We do not work conventionally but creatively. The brains behind our team break free from old-school thoughts and design interactive websites keeping your customer in mind. We put ourselves in the shoes of your customer to explore how a user experience can be maximized.

  • Website Design & Development

  • Store Development

  • Payment API Integration

  • Email + SMS Campaigns

Direct to Consumer Brands

Our in-house team of specialists work across multiple sectors to design, develop, ship and fulfil products around the globe, creating empowering D2C brands. We have partnered with expert global manufacturers to create high quality & authentic products that are completely tailored to each brand.


We have distribution centres in the USA, Canada and the UK, enabling us to dispatch thousands of orders each day. We specialise in creating the following brands.

  • Fitness

  • Fashion / Streetwear

  • Nutrition

  • Beauty


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